Professional Studies and College  selection

How to select the best college for studies ? 

Prof.Annie Varghese

Professional college education involves cost and time. It is  very important to remember that once a decision taken you cannot be revoke it easily.


Professional studies and College  selection involves balancing of three factors. They are following

  1. Cost Factors – Various fees including accommodations

  2. Academic and Other outcomes

  3. Campus life.

So it is advisable to do a COMPARISON based on above three factors.


For the selection of colleges/ universities one can do a step by step approach

Step 1

Frame your educational goals


You have to frame your educational goals up to fractional level  for better assessment and selection of the institution. Through this step you will clearly understand ‘What exactly you want to achieve through the education in line with whether the selected institution can provide that.

Examples for  educational goals are following

Knowledge, Grades, Language and other Soft Skills, Competencies, Placements, Settlements, Transformation etc

Step 2

Understanding the Institutions


There two complementary ways to understand an institution

  1. Assessing ‘How the college/Universities present themselves in front of others.

Educational institutions present themselves before of you through many mediums.

  1. Videos

  2. Brochures

  3. Publications

  4. News reports about programs happened in college

  5. Advertisements

Collect these presentations from various media to assess facilities ,fees, scholarships  and other expenses details  along with USPs of the institution.

  1. Opinions of stakeholders and others


Stakeholders to which you may try to contact are

  1. Alumni

  2. Current students

  3. Teachers

  4. Parents

  5. General Public near the institute

  6. Other includes anyone who has contact with that institution.

Through steps two along with organisations capabilities and deliverables  you may assess the  College Management’s Aspirations  and Focus

Step 3

Supplementary Assessments


Along with direct course and college related aspects there other factors which you have consider are supplementary factors. They are following

  1. Transportation

  2. Visa and Time factors [study abroad]

  3. Accommodation

  4. Internships and work possibilities

Step 4

Direct or make your trustees visit the campus


This is done to reinforce or modify the assessments of

  1. Management

  2. Hostel dorms ,food and warden

  3. Feel of campus life,

  4. Individual course resources & infra-structure.

Don’t procrastinate: Plan education little earlier to avoid last minute hurriedness

Happy Outcome based learning to you

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